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The Tri Hamlet Leadership Council is an unincorporated association which, in response to Hurricane Sandy, has been organized by a coalition of community groups to assess and help meet the disaster relief needs of local residents.  Funding related to the activities of the Leadership Council will be administered by The William Floyd Community Summit, a federally registered 501(c)3 public charity.  The working body of the organization will consist of 10 committees as follows:

  • Volunteer Management – trihamletvolunteermanagement@gmail.com – Ally Sarmiento (Chair), Shirley Speruta (Vice-Chair)
  • Disaster Relief Case Management  –  trihamletcasemanagement@gmail.com – Elizabeth Smith (Chair)
  • Food/other item donations/distribution  –  trihamletdonationdistribution@gmail.com – Bill Jackson (Chair)
  • Hot food service coordinator  –  trihamlethotfood@gmail.com – Heather Aylward (Chair)
  • Fundraising/donations for relief  –  trihamletfundraising@gmail.com – Bill Doyle (Chair)
  • Home Repairs/other physical needs  –  trihamletrepairs@gmail.com – Gabe Lissy (Chair), Chris Ricchardi (Vice-Chair)
  • Clean up needs (mucking out homes)  –  trihamletcleanup@gmail.com – Rich Ohlsen (Chair)
  • Communication Committee  –  trihamletcommunication@gmail.com – Beth Wahl (Chair)
  • Government Liaison  –  joshua.slaughter@suffolkcountyny.gov – Josh Slaughter (Chair), John Doyle (Vice-Chair)
  • Youth Committee  –  trihamletyouth@gmail.com – Lynda Zach (Chair)

General inquiries can be emailed to:     trihamlethurricanerelief@gmail.com

Between meetings of the full council, the day-to-day operations of the organization will be governed by an Executive Board consisting of 15 council members. The Executive Board shall include the chairpersons of the 10 standing committees and 5 at-large council members to assist with oversight, coordination and guidance.

Courtesy of Tri Hamlet News

At-Large Executive Board Members

Bob Vecchio, William Floyd Schools
Kerri Rosalia, MMS Community Library
Ray Keenan, Manor Park Civic Association
Peter Costello, Knights of Columbus
John Siebert

Funding for this project is greatly appreciated.

Please make all donations payable to:

William Floyd Community Summit
P.O. Box 191
Mastic, NY 11950

*** Please indicate that your donation is for the benefit of the ‘Tri-Hamlet Relief Fund’ ***

To make an online contribution please visit our “Ways to Help” page.


Next meeting:  TBD

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